After Summer: The ultimate care treatment

Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end. And with it lazy days full of sun, beach and wonderfully salty air. The skin brown, the hair naturally bleached and our mood relaxed. What was the long-awaited break for our soul meant stress par excellence for our hair.

So now it's your turn! Let's pamper them with moisture, care and nutrients so that we still look healthy and radiant when the holiday is long gone. How it works? We share our most valuable tips with you!
How it works? We share our most valuable tips with you!

3 magic words: care, care, care

The solution is as simple as it is ingenious - your hair now needs nothing but care. And ideally both during and after your return from vacation. The sun has made the hair drier, more brittle and more sensitive. Damage can be seen immediately on blond hair. So it's time to calm her down. With the Blonde Masque by AUTHentic Blonde you probably already nourished your hair on vacation. If not, just put the mask at the top of your feel good shopping list now and apply it once a week. How about wallowing in holiday memories while you wait? After the small but fine home treatment you will definitely look well rested.

Always a care ace up your sleeve

Hair like fresh from the salon? You can do this at home with the right products. Our Blonde Pearl Masque is the perfect complement to the Blonde Masque. The natural ingredients give your blonde hair exactly what it needs right now: Moisture at it's best! But not only that: The blonde tone of your hair can change as a result of the sun. To transform this into a cooler, nobler and more autumnal tone, the Pearl Masque is your ideal companion. Thanks to our AUTHentic Blonde series, your hair will not only be pampered with natural ingredients, but the color brilliance will also be refined. For you this means: mission accomplished!

The ultimate care ritual by blonde expert Ayse Auth

How does the way from a brittle summer blonde to a radiantly healthy, naturally highlighted mane succeed? The care ritual of the blonde expert in German-speaking countries, Ayse Auth, puts it in a nutshell:

"Leave Blonde Masque on overnight once a week and apply Blonde Pearl Masque from scalp to ends twice a week."

So the hair is optimally supplied with natural ingredients. Due to the matting of the Pearl Masque, your hair shines in a cool, autumnal shade. We wish you a lot of fun with your personal care treatment and a lot of joy with your radiant appearance!