„If you can dream it,

you can do it.”

Walt Disney

Blonde hair has fascinated me since I was a child. From the age of six I really wanted to have light hair! So I doused them in lemon juice and left them in the sun hoping they would lighten up.

I grew up in poor conditions in a remote village in Turkey. Every now and then I came across advertisements or photographs of beautiful, mostly blonde womenThese images burned deep into my childhood soul. They influence my creative power until today. Why? Because for me these women were way more than just photo models. They were my heroines! Strong and graceful, beautiful and smart, authentic and passionate. Inhabitants of a magical world that I could only dream of at that time. The key to this world? Blonde hair.

The key to this world? Clearly: blond hair.

For me, the unique AUTHentic Blonde products with their extremely high-quality, natural formula are the result of a lifelong love story.

Ayse Auth

Today I look at this little girl with love and her big dream of a universe where blonde hair, strong women and holistic beauty play the leading roles. I'm so proud of her for going the distance and never being intimidated!

To this day, I live my vision of bringing out the best in women. And that's a lot more than just blonde hair. Women who feel beautiful, feel safe. They seem to be more in tune with themselfes. As a result, they make more powerful decisions and live more authentically and happily overall. And that's what life is all about!

It's no coincidence that I named my hair care product AUTHentic Blonde Authenticity is my guiding principle as well as my claim to life. And the best blonde care ever.