How to get the ultimate autumn glow for your hair?

Summer has already turned into colourful, happy autumn and, with its bright colours, gives us an energy boost before we snuggle up with loved ones at home in winter. But autumn also means: Gone are the days when we could just go outside with damp hair. Now it's time to blow dry, straighten and style again.

Heat Protection: What is it actually?

Heat protection is a hair care product that reduces possible damage caused by the heat of a hairdryer or prevents it from occurring in the first place. It is important that it is applied before blow-drying or straightening. It reliably protects the hair from the effects of heat and strengthens it with moisture and nourishing ingredients.

The right care ritual is particularly important in autumn

It is ideal to get used to a beauty routine in which all ingredients are coordinated. Our AUTHentic Blonde care series is optimally tailored to the needs of blonde hair and makes it appear youthful, radiant and healthy at any time of the year. The AUTHentic Blonde Heat Protection provides your hair with additional care and protection. The emulsion smoothes the structure and provides more suppleness, shine and volume. It offers effective heat protection when blow-drying and styling. The contained keratin extends the durability of the styling and makes the hair more resistant to environmental influences. For an optimal effect, simply apply it before using the hair dryer or straightening iron and enjoy permanently healthy hair.

Heat protection: It offers these 4 advantages

  1. humidity,
    A good heat protectant restores your hair's moisture balance and prevents moisture loss. By using a high-quality heat protection, you give your hair extra moisture and keep the surface silky smooth. The closed, intact structure prevents moisture from being lost, which keeps your hair healthier in the long term.
  2. Shorter drying times
    A really good heat protection allows your hair to dry faster, which means that it is exposed to external heat for less time. Less stress means better health - also for hair and scalp. A little extra plus: You save time if you don't have to blow dry and style for as long to achieve your desired beauty result.
  3. Easier & long-lasting styling
    Heat protectant contains keratin, the substance that deeply nourishes your hair and maintains its elastic shape. This not only gives you easier styling, but above all a great look that lasts. No matter where you are: Your hair is perfectly prepared!
  4. More radiance thanks to the best ingredients
    The nourishing ingredients in the AUTHentic Blonde Heat Protection let your hair shine and preserve its color brilliance and youthfulness. Argan oil nourishes and provides moisture, suppleness and shine. Coconut oil is particularly rich in vitamins and gives strong, healthy and naturally light hair. Green nut extract protects against color loss caused by UV rays and hair dryer heat. And Crosilk, a specially developed mix of silk's free amino acids, helps repair minor damage.

Would you like to go one step further and, in addition to your daily hair care routine, would you like a care treatment that will get you through the cooler seasons particularly well? Then a keratin treatment in one of our salons in Munich or Berlin is just right for you! Keratin-Treatment in einem unserer Salons in München oder Berlin genau das Richtige für Sie!

Keratin - More protection and care is not possible!

Our body actually produces keratin itself, which makes our hair look young and elastic. This means that our body can actually optimally take care of itself. Unless there are too many external factors such as heat from the hair dryer, dry room air, cold outside temperatures, frequent dyeing and much more that make external support necessary. What does this support look like? A keratin treatment is the quick, gentle and long-lasting solution. Our hair experts in Munich and Berlin work the keratin into your hair strand by strand as an enriched cream. It is then blow-dried and treated with a straightening iron. The high temperature during smoothing ensures that the active ingredient penetrates optimally into the structure. The effect: the hair remains permanently smooth. And that for months! It becomes more resistant to external influences and is therefore well protected.

You can get more information about this natural, extremely effective application in our salons in Munich and Berlin. Here we always advise you on the trendiest blonde tones. This fall, by the way, it's honey or candlelight blonde that makes skin and hair shine. So then: simply compete with the autumn leaves to shine. We will help you!