Spring Fever: Spring trends 2022 for your hair

This is how you can be seen! Corona, lockdown, home office - the last few years have taken their toll on us. Not only we have suffered from being at home so much and lacking a social environment, but so has our hair. Quickly pinned up into a messy bun and without regular hair care or pampering - no one sees us anyway. Our own authentic look, which is an expression of our personality, was suddenly no longer important. 

All this has affected our hair. Dull, dry and without a cut, it had a loveless existence for many months. For this reason it is now time for something NEW. And to let you jump directly into your new "(hair) being" with a lot of pleasure, we have plenty of motivation for you: Our HAARWERK hair experts reveal the most important spring trends. So from now on, there's no excuse for unkempt hair, home office or not.

Blond – the true evergreen

You'll never go wrong with blonde! Blond is an evergreen and also currently totally in trend. In spring, our blonde changes gently from a cool ice or champagne blonde to warmer tones. Naturalness is very popular, which means that hairlines can and should be visible. Well-groomed, deliberately chosen and confident, we can now show them to the world instead of hiding them under thick wool hats. Now you can confidently show off your hairlines - especially if your hair has a perfect, trendy cut.

Curtain Bangs - Curtain up for the first rays of sunshine

Is your hair longer than shoulder-length? Then curtain bangs are THE spring trend for you. Why? Because curtain bangs suit almost every face type and hair color. Similar to the popular long pony, curtain bangs are stepped through and shortened on your face. You can wear them off the side of your face or deliberately style them into your face. The focus here is again on the natural look. The be-all and end-all of curtain bangs is a professional cut by your favorite hairstylist. Because they are meant to be air-dried wearable. This emphasizes the natural look. No unnecessary blow-drying, no complicated styling. This is easy on the hair, but only works with a correct cut. The harbingers of spring are chirping: the trend is toward more layered hair in the natural look.

Pixi cut for the brave

It all comes back around. This applies not only to fashion, but also to our hair. Currently back in fashion: the pixie cut. The hairstyle of the 50s is making a comeback. Especially in the fashion magazines, the bold hairstyle is experiencing a revival. Wearing pixie means self-confidence, but honestly, it doesn't suit every woman. But with the right color and a really good cut, it makes you the new trendsetter. We emphasize: The professional cut by the hairdresser is also an absolute must with the pixie cut. Modern, bold and an absolute statement. And perfect to ring in the new season and finally show yourself to the world out there again. Not because of others - but because YOU ARE worth it to celebrate life (again), to enjoy it and to show your most beautiful, brightest and cheerful side. In spite of everything. Or just because of everything.

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